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Chuck Staley

Chuck Staley

Los Angeles, California


Chuck Staley was born in Memphis and spent his youth growing up in funeral homes scattered across the South. After high school he studied art at the Memphis Academy of Arts and engineering at Georgia Tech in Atlanta.

Following a stint in the Army Signal Corps in Europe, Staley went to work in television broadcasting, first as a cameraman in Memphis and then as a director in Hollywood, directing thousands of hours of music videos, commercials and TV programs of all sorts, including six years with CBS News at Television City.

Now he is concentrating on creating his cinematic style art that has a flair for the dramatic. Chuck says, "When I snap the shutter, I never really know where that captured scene may take me. Some of my more popular pieces combine recent work with those captured by me on film 60 years ago."

If you have questions or special needs, please call Chuck at 323.424.7363 or email him at And remember, all purchases have a 30-day return policy.

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Indian Bike Illustration


Glass Pattern 5 F


Alexa in the Imperial Bar


Art Deco - Swimsuit


Memories Last Forever


Absolut Deco


Luna in the Garden of Evil


American Oil


Knight in the Cemetery


Timely Fashions


Art Deco - Metalic Glass


Glass Pattern 4


Art Deco - Pattern Three - Rectangle


Art Deco Poster - Two


Art Deco - Lady in Red


Luna at the Prague Hotel


Luna at the Cafe Imperial


Fiona Arrives in Prague


Woman in Lobby


Art Deco Ball


Museum of Art


Woman in Glass


Knight Time


Another Night in Paradise


Moon and Gate